Freeze, Busta!

Karina’s ‘Cool’ Cooking Tip!


There are many ways you can save time in the kitchen. Although I always like to cook fresh from the garden and the butcher, there are times when one may need an emergency supply. Emergency supplies can be a real blessing and you may like to use your emergency supplies more often than originally planned!

The following is my abbreviated list of food categories, which are all freezable:

– Most fruits, provided you will only use defrosted fruits for baking, cooking, or making fruit drinks such as milkshakes. If you eat frozen fruit defrosted, without cooking it, it will stay soggy and not taste very palatable.

– Stock, frozen in small portions (freezer-proof containers or freezer-proof bags). Freezing in small portions allows you to readily take a portion out every time you need it, which saves you a tonne of time! From this, you can make stews, sauces, curries and more!

– Some vegetables are better than others at maintaining some food-integrity after freezing. Examples of vegetables that freeze well are: Carrots, Broccoli, Corn and Green Beans.

– Meat of all kinds: raw or cooked. I prefer to only freeze raw meat, however, if you’re a busy parent, freezing cooked food will save you a bucket-load of time!

– Baked goods of many kinds.

N.B. with all the above mentioned food and food products, it is recommended to ensure the frozen particles do not enter your food. One way to ensure this does not happen, is to firstly place your food into a freezer-proof bag, then into a freezer-proof container, followed by popping it straight into the freezer!

Personally, I prefer to not freeze my cooked food, unless I am in a hurry. These tips will save you loads of time!


Karina x

6 thoughts on “Freeze, Busta!

  1. Mrs D says:

    Hey Karina. When I worked full-time, freezing meals was my saviour. My most recent position was in Canberra which is 100 kms from where we live. I allowed 3 hours for travel time each day on top of my 8+ hour day.This meant that by the time I got home, the last thing I felt like doing was spending an hour on dinner on top of the usual chores as you walk in the door. Add to that lighting the fire in the winter.

    The thing we have in common is quality ingredients.

    I discovered a couple of cookbooks many years ago (on top of the many cookbooks I already have) and they are called Frost Bite. The author’s name is Susan Austin. I’m not sure if you have children however these books, among others, were my ‘Bible’ for a long time. It was not uncommon to spend two or three Saturdays in the month cooking and putting delicious meals in the freezer. I am also a huge fan of the slow cooker.

    Now that are children are grown, left home and I am not working full-time, I have the luxury of buying fresh meat and not having to freeze. I try to grow as much of the veg as possible given our extreme weather conditions.

    Nice post!

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    • Lipstick on my Wine Glass says:

      I’m a student, and last year I was honestly struggling to cook and study at the same time. Freezing stuff was my saviour like you! While I prefer not to – it honestly saves so much time. And I will admit that frozen berries in a smoothie is my weakness… Great post!

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    • FOOD IS LIFE! says:

      Hey Mrs D!
      I don’t have children, so I may have some more time than those who have children.
      That’s such a time saver and I totally agree with putting meals in the freezer if it means the family will eat healthy and delicious meals, without compromising on quality.
      I also try to grow as much fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits as possible, as this means no compromise on flavour! Besides, I love fresh ingredients straight from the backyard!

      Thanks for your compliments! I love your posts also! Very informative!


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  2. gardeden says:

    Love your posts! Hey, I have just nominated you for a blog award! 🙂



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