Don’t Be ‘Chicken!’

Karina’s Father’s Day Chicken Pizza’s!


These pizza’s are the ultimate time-saver, are super-easy and reduces food waste!

Today was Father’s day in Australia. My family stuck with tradition and had a nice Father’s Day Lunch: BBQ style! We had BBQ chicken breast, BBQ chicken kebabs, low-fat chicken sausages, low-fat beef sausages and a massive greek salad.


  • Whole wheat pita bread, as many or as little as you like
  • Leftover BBQ Chicken (either lean chicken kebabs or lean chicken breast)
  • Leftover greek salad (use spanish onion, olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and capsicum – don’t use cucumber)
  • Pizza topper herbs, to sprinkle per pizza
  • Cracked black pepper, to sprinkle per pizza
  • Grated low-fat pizza cheeses, half a handful per pizza
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste, per pizza

N.B. you can use other types of leftover meat, to create your own unique pizzas….this is the fun part!


Pre-heat your pizza stone and your oven at 180°C. If you don’t have a pizza stone, pre-heat your oven tray. While these are preheating, prep your leftover BBQ meat and salad ingredients, by chopping the BBQ meat and straining the salad dressing from your greek salad.

Once your oven is pre-heated, using oven mittens, place your pizza stones (or oven trays) onto a heat-safe surface. Pace as many of your pita breads onto these pizza stones as you prefer, then spoon tomato paste onto each one of these, as a pizza sauce base. Once this is completed, pile your leftover BBQ chicken onto your pizzas, then pile your leftover greek salad on top of this. Sprinkle with cracked black pepper and pizza topper herbs. Once this is done, complete your pizza with a sprinkle of your low-fat pizza cheeses, then place all your pizzas into the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes are over, or once your cheese has melted and the base is crispy, turn the oven to ‘off.’

Compiling the Beauty:

Arrange on a plate and enjoy, served with your favourite healthy drink.

Serves as much as you make!


Karina x

Copyright © 2015 by Karina Teuma


Food for Thought!

Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!

IMG_6639 cropped-img_66561.jpg

Most poor countries are great at using every part of the animal in their cooking, along with eliminating any probability of waste. The issue resides in wealthier countries discarding perfectly good food, straight into the bin. Food waste directly impacts the environment in many ways.

According to, “Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase!” Do you know what this extra 20% of waste would have costed the average Australian six months worth of your electricity bill! According to, out of the “8 Billion Dollars” Australians waste on food every year, “33% of fresh food is wasted and 27% of leftovers are wasted.”

There is also a waste problem in other wealthier countries such as America. According to, “40% of our food ends up in the trash instead of our stomachs.”

I’m picking up on a pattern here! People aren’t using their leftovers! Let’s start using our leftovers so we can save money and protect the environment! Now, that’s a win-win situation! An example of when I used leftovers on my blog, was when I made that beetroot salad. Since there were leftovers of the beetroot salad, I whizzed this beetroot salad up to make a dip! Now, this is a classic example of saving money and protecting the environment!

Let’s hope this really is food for thought!


Karina x

Take a Dip!

Karina’s Roast Beetroot Dip!


Do you have left-overs after making my Roast Beetroot Salad from yesterday? Well, here’s an inventive way to use this up! Try my delicious Roast Beetroot Dip!


– Leftover Roast Beetroot Salad

– Juice of 1 Lemon

– 2 tablespoons of Light Sour Cream

– Assorted Vegetables to serve (e.g. Carrots, Celery, Cucumber and/or Capsicum)

N.B. The ingredients above are based on 50% of Karina’s original Roast Beetroot Salad (2 servings). Add or subtract the amount of lemon juice and sour cream according to the amount of salad left.


Place your Leftover Roast Beetroot Salad into a large bowl. Place 2 tablespoons of Light Sour Cream, along with your lemon juice, into the same bowl. Use a stick blender to blend all the ingredients together, until lovely and smooth.

N.B. If you don’t have a stick blender, just pour all your ingredients into your blender to blend.

Compiling the Beauty:

Rinse your vegetables under clean, running water. Slice all your vegetables, then arrange onto a serving platter. Pour your smooth Beetroot dip into your serving bowl, or onto your serving platter.

Serves a tribe as an appetizer!


Karina x