Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire!

Karina’s ‘Hot’ Safety Cooking Tip!


Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen, but away from the stove and other heat sources. Fire extinguishers should be maintained in a serviceable condition. If the marker is in the red position, it is not in a good operational condition. If the marker is in the green position, it is in good operational condition. Please note, the correct type of Fire Extinguisher must be purchased dependant on the type of kitchen appliance (or other machine/equipment) you are using.

Keep a Fire Blanket near the kitchen, but away from any heat sources.

Keep a chart of all your Emergency Contacts, such as:  Fire, Medical, Police, the Poisons Information Centre and all other Emergency Contacts.

If your cooking oil catches on fire, there are many things you can do. The below list does not cover everything, so always call the Fire Brigade if there is an uncontrolled fire:

– If the fire gets out of control, don’t try to save the day. Evacuate IMMEDIATELY and call Emergency!

– Turn your stove, oven or other heat source completely off. After your heat source has been turned off, do not touch or move the pot, pan or other cooking instrument/appliance.

– If you cover your pot, pan or cooking instrument/appliance with a metal lid, it will choke the fire and deplete it of oxygen, which is what you want, since fires love oxygen and you hate fires!

There are countless other safety cooking tips I can offer, however, I’ll have to nibble at these bit by bit!

Stay safe in the kitchen!


Karina x


A ‘Cut’ Above the Rest!

Karina’s Safety Cooking Tip!


Sometimes, it’s good to be a ‘cut above the rest.’ When it comes to the kitchen, however, this is not such a good idea! Let’s avoid children and pets from being hurt, by employing my handy safety cooking tip!

The kitchen is a hazardous place, alongside being one of the most important rooms in your house. The kitchen is filled with sharp knives and utensils, which can seriously harm yourself, your children, or your pets, in one swift motion! I think it’s time to ‘cut’ any knife-related safety instances out of the equation altogether, by being safe in the kitchen.

In the case where you will have your little apprentice chef learning how to cook in your kitchen, then all steps should be taken to ensure your little chef is safe. Try to avoid teaching children recipes involving continuous cutting because they are not ‘cut out’ to handle knives! They are little people and should be held away from danger. Kids and pets can easily cut themselves and can also distract you from your cooking, even creating a dangerous environment for yourself by accidentally tripping you while you are carrying knives and other dangerous kitchen utensils.

Sharp knives are actually safer than blunt knives because it takes less strength to cut through your food. Remember, a sharp knife is better than a blunt one 🙂

So, lets cut to it!

Don’t be a ‘cut above the rest!’

Karina x