Not Letting Food Go To ‘Waist!’

Nathalie’s Healthy Cooking Tip!


My Mum, Nathalie, has taught me heaps about healthy cooking, which is why this post is dedicated to her. Every time my Mum cooks, it is healthy and full of flavour. With the right amount of ingredients, you really don’t need all this fat in cooking. My Mum has many great ideas, with regards to healthy cooking, however, I will just touch on a few of the main ones.

Make a habit of removing all the skin of chicken, prior to cooking it, in order to eat more healthy. Skin is full of fat, which may make your food go to your ‘waist’ i.e. don’t let food go to ‘waist.’ (Nathalie’s Cooking Tip)

Whilst cooking or frying food in a pan, it is advisable to only put the smallest amount of oil required to cook your food. Olive oil is one of the best oils to use, if you would be using oil. Better still, steam or boil your vegetables, rather than frying them, unless you’re attentively watching the fat content in your fry pan. (Nathalie’s Cooking Tip)

Whilst baking, use fruits in order to naturally sweeten your bakes. This way, your bakes will still taste great and will also taste sweet from the natural sugars coming out of the fruit. (Nathalie’s Cooking Tip)

Try to use as little butter as possible in your baking and cooking. Try to replace butter with olive oil or another healthy cooking oil. Your bakes and cooking will still taste great, with nowhere near as much saturated fat contained in your cooking. If the recipe really needs butter, try replacing at least 3/4 of the butter for olive oil, then put the rest butter. Alternatively, you can experiment by using olive oil spread, which still has less saturated fat than butter. (Karina’s Cooking Tip)

Whenever you make a pasta dish, try to avoid cooking white sauces, as these are usually high in saturated fat. If you really would like to use a white sauce, then make your own and use low-fat cheese, low-fat milk and olive oil spread instead of butter. (Karina’s Cooking Tip)

There are many more tips I can think of, however, I will leave you with all this for now.


Karina x

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Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!


Why ‘veg’-etate, when you can start your own vegetable garden!

There are soo many benefits of having your own vegetable garden and even more benefits, if you start from seed!

Some benefits of growing your own vegetable garden, include:

– You save money by not having to buy your own vegetables

– You will improve your family’s health

– You will help the environment, by not having to drive to the grocery store to buy your vegetables

– Your food will taste better and be better for you, since it would be incredibly fresh

– You can trust where your food came from, since you grew it yourself

– Growing vegetables is much easier than it sounds and will give you great pride, joy and a strong sense of accomplishment!

By growing your own vegetable garden, you are teaching kids where food originates from. This is what this world needs: more children learning about good, natural and nutritious food. Besides, you’ll get to see how happy kids get, when one of their seeds they planted, turns into a vegetable! Once your kids grow into adults, then have kids of their own, they will then be able to pass down this sacred food ritual to their kids too. Now, this is what awesomeness is made from!

You don’t need heaps of land to grow a vegetable garden. All you need is a lovely garden bed in your backyard, which will maximise space, create depth and retain nutrients for your vegetables. Now, theres no point ‘vegetating,’ is there? Sorry, my ‘Dad jokes’ are terrible 🙂

One way to get kids to start gardening, would be to make your own garden bed and then have your kids help you plant seeds. If you don’t have a garden at all, fear not: you can make a garden bed for your balcony or porch! Let’s maximise space people and have fun at the same time 🙂

Now, let’s stop ‘veg-etating’ and start gardening!

You will be incredibly proud of what you have planted from seed!


Karina x

An incredible little Chef!

Kids Healthy & Easy Crumbed Fish Fingers with Cheesy Potato Gems!

Cooking Photo Collage

I could not believe my eyes today! Little Justin, who will turn only 6 years old in a few months, has achieved amazing things today. I was that proud of him, I had to stop a tear from falling! Justin’s mother and good friend of mine, was also very proud of him today! Today, Justin learned the following: food hygiene; hand hygiene; ‘Blades are Bad;’  ‘Stay away from the Stove;’ how to crack an egg into the bowl; how to mix the egg with milk to create a ‘sticky glue,’ how to mash potatoes; how to mix cheese into mashed potatoes; how to roll the potato and cheese into balls and coat into flour, then egg and breadcrumbs; how to coat the fish into flour, then egg and breadcrumbs; and how to clean-up after himself. He really loved his potato and cheese balls! This guy is a natural! Justin cracked the second egg all by himself! He even coated ALL the fish and ALL the cheesy potato gems and hand-rolled all his cheesy potato balls all by himself! This was his very first cooking lesson! Amazing!

N.B. you will need to leave the fish to marinate in the honey-ginger-teriyaki marinade overnight, in order to achieve maximum flavour!


For the Crumbed Potato and Cheese Gems:

– 1 kilo of starchy potatoes (e.g. Russet Potatoes)

– 200 grams of grated reduced fat cheddar cheese

– 1 egg

– Approximately 150 ml of milk

– Approximately 150 grams of wholemeal flour

– Approximately 150 grams of wholemeal breadcrumbs

– Salt

– Pepper

– Olive oil spray for tray

For the Crumbed Fish Fingers:

– 700 grams of fish (I used New Zealand Freshwater Basa Fillets)

– 1/2 cup soy sauce

– 1 Tablespoon freshly grated ginger

– 1 Tablespoon freshly minced garlic

– 2 Tablespoons honey

– 1 egg

– Approximately 150 ml of milk

– Approximately 150 grams of wholemeal flour

– Approximately 150 grams of wholemeal breadcrumbs

– Olive oil spray for tray

To serve:

1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges


The night before:

You will need to marinade your fish the night before. Place all your fish in a large bowl. Add 1/2 cup of soy sauce; 1 Tablespoon of freshly grated ginger; 1 Tablespoon of freshly minced garlic and 2 Tablespoons of honey to your fish. Mix to coat very well, then place cling film to cover the bowl. Place your marinated fish into your refrigerator and leave it there until you’re ready to cook the next day.

On the day:

Preheat your oven to 230 degrees celsius for a fan-forced oven.

Fill a large pot with 2 litres of water, then bring to the boil. Peel all your potatoes, then cut them into large pieces. Once the water has boiled, place all your potatoes in the boiling water and allow to boil for 10 minutes. Once the potatoes have boiled, turn the heat to off. Strain the potatoes, then place the potatoes back into the pot. Add your milk to the potatoes, then mash until it is very smooth and creamy. Grate your cheese. Once grated, add all the cheese to the mashed potato, along with a pinch of salt and pepper, then mix with a wooden spoon until well combined. Set aside to cool by keeping the lid on the potato mix.

While the cheesy potato mix is cooling, you can prepare your fish. Drain the excess marinade from your fish into a strainer, then place your drained fish onto the chopping board. Using a sharp knife, cut all your marinated fish into short strips. Place 150 grams of wholemeal flour into your first bowl. Place one egg, along with 150 ml of milk into your second bowl, then mix the egg and milk together. Place 150 grams of wholemeal breadcrumbs into your third bowl. Place your fish strip into the bowl of flower, mix to coat, then shake off excess flour. Place the same fish strip into the egg and milk mixture, coat well. Then place the same fish strip into the breadcrumbs mixture, coat well, shake of excess breadcrumbs, then place on a large plate. Repeat this process until all the fish have been coated.

Once the cheesy potato mix has cooled, roll this mix into bite-sized balls, then place all these bite-sized balls onto a large plate. Place 150 grams of wholemeal flour into your first bowl. Place one egg, along with 150 ml of milk into your second bowl, then mix the egg and milk together. Place 150 grams of wholemeal breadcrumbs into your third bowl. Gently place your cheesy potato ball into the bowl of flower, mix to coat, then shake off excess flour. Place the same cheesy potato ball into the egg and milk mixture, coat well. Then place the same cheesy potato ball into the breadcrumbs mixture, coat well, shake of excess breadcrumbs, then place on a large plate. Repeat this process until all the cheesy potato balls have been coated.

By now, you will have all your fish and cheesy potato balls coated and your oven is nice and hot! Lightly grease a very large baking tray with your olive oil spray. Place all your potato balls next to each other, ensuring they do not touch. Then place all your fish next to each other, ensuring they also do not touch. Then place in your preheated oven for 20 minutes, or until golden brown, turning the fish and potato within 10 minutes of cooking. The result will be a super healthy and delicious feast for you and the kids!

Compiling the beauty:

Arrange your fish and cheesy potato bites onto a plate and serve with a wedge of lemon each.

Serves 4


Karina x

Copyright © 2015 by Karina Teuma

CHOP, CHOP: Karina’s Cooking Tip!



If you are planning to host a Lunch or Dinner Party, or you simply want to save time, you can prep all the Food the night before. All you need to do is Chop, Dice, Slice or Grate all your Vegetables and Meat the night before, then keep refrigerated!

If you are cooking with Potatoes, after you have peeled and prepped your Potatoes, you should place in a bowl of water in the refrigerator, in order to prevent it from turning brown! Air causes a chemical reaction to occur with the peeled potatoes, which turns them brown! This tip also applies to Sweet Potatoes and other Vegetables, which may turn brown once exposed to air after peeling!

Ensure you cover all the prepped Vegetables and Meat with Cling Wrap, then keep refrigerated! This tip will also save you a Tone of Time if you would like to make a Healthy Stir Fry or other great meal, on a week night for dinner!

So, what are you waiting for? Get Chopping! CHOP, CHOP!

Karina x