Nutritious, Delicious and Fresh Food, help to make you live a much longer life! I wish to inspire people of all ages and all cooking levels, to cook better! My wish is to create a community where people get excited about food and FEEL better for EATING better!

I have had a passion for food since I was a little girl, when my Mum, Natalie, inspired me how to cook well. My wish is that every child gets excited about cooking and eating better. This way, when they grow older, they would pass this sacred food ritual down to their kids too!

I also have a plan to help people of all ages. I wish to help people save money by inspiring them to stay away from take-away food. I wish to help people, of all ages, cook, creating a community of people who are passionate in fighting obesity and avoiding health problems. My other plan is to educate people of all ages about Health, Safety and the Environment, when it comes to glorious food! I will teach children how to: cook healthy foods, eat healthy foods; be safe in the kitchen and to conserve this beautiful world!

All it takes is one person, who has been taught by myself, to pass down this uncontrolled passion to one of his or her family members and/or friends.

World, lets FEEL Better by EATING Better!

In order to eat better, all you need to do is cook my recipes on my blog! It’s that simple.

Adopting a low-glycemic diet, along with eating less saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium, will be your recipe for success! Eating more fibre in your diet is also highly recommended.

Why should you eat low-glycemic foods?

– You lose weight

– You have better blood sugar and insulin control

– You prevent disease and health problems

– You have more energy

– You feel great!

Very occasionally, however, I will post some naughty recipes (not too naughty), as we need to be realistic here! Everybody craves from time to time.

Karina x