Re’fresh’ing Pineapple Sage Ice Tea!




  • 1/2 a 2 litre jug worth of fresh ice cubes
  • 700 ml water
  • 5 long branches of freshly cut pineapple sage, stems removed and leaves kept
  • 1 large lemon, cut into slices, then placed in jug
  • 1/2 a cup of fresh apple juice



Bring 700 ml water to the boil. Once water has boiled, place all the pineapple sage leaves into a large heatproof bowl, then carefully pour the water over the pineapple sage leaves. Leave the pineapple sage leaves to infuse for 20 minutes, allowing the water to cool, whilst infusing takes place. While the pineapple sage leaves are infusing, place 3 tablespoons of honey, all the lemon slices and 1/2 a cup of apple juice into the pineapple sage leaves infusion, then give a good stir. Keep infusing this mixture, with the pineapple sage leaves, lemon slices, honey and apple juice, until 20 minutes are over or until the infusion cools to a lukewarm temperature.

Once this infusion has cooled to a lukewarm temperature, pour this whole infusion over 1/2 a 2 litre jug worth of fresh ice cubes, stirring well to help chill the ice tea. Once this is completed, place the whole jug into a refrigerator for 2 hours, or until well chilled.


Compiling the Beauty:

Using a drinking glass, pour the chilled and refreshing pineapple sage ice tea into the glass.

Serve by itself or with a meal as a refreshing drink!

Serves 6


Karina x

Copyright © 2016 by Karina Teuma


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