Karina’s Healthy Cooking Tip!


Above is a picture of the mother and father goat, along with their “kid,” who was born only one week ago. This was a proud moment for the “kids” parents.

There are many benefits of raising your kids around farm animals you have bred. Too many to mention! The below is a small list of some of the benefits of raising your kids up with other “kids” and farm animals alike:

  • Reduces the amount of waste if you do decide that your livestock will be on your plate one day
  • Educates your kids about where your food came from
  • Encourages your family to eat more sustainably
  • Gives your kids a sense of pride, with raising their own farm animals
  • Helps your kids appreciate food more
  • Animals are a natural stress relief for humans


Karina x

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Stop ‘Wine’ing!

The Australian ‘Good Food and Wine Show’!

The thought of a whole weekend dedicated to food and wine, should be enough to stop fanatics from ‘wine’ing! It is a day (or entire weekend) dedicated to manifesting omnivorous culinary adventures, in the form of numerous food and wine stalls, cooking classes and tips by Australia’s culinary experts!

I had a great weekend at Australia’s ‘Good Food and Wine Show.’ I met Australia’s MasterChefs Adam and Billie, along with meeting Gary, for the second time. Let’s just put it this way: it was culinary heaven, from Almonds to Zest!

IMG_3986 IMG_4010

So, if you don’t want to hear others ‘wine’ing, take them for some ‘wine’ing and dinning!

Keep Cooking!

Karina x

If you can’t stand the heat…..get into the wilderness!

Karina’s Health Tip!

IMG_3640 2

There are too many benefits of Bushwalking to list on this post. For me, personally, I absolutely love the outdoors and this makes my soul shine! Apart from that soul-buzzing feeling some may experience from the outdoors, there are many other benefits of bushwalking, including, but not limited to, the following:

– Bushwalking is different to regular walking, as bushwalking exercises muscles you normally don’t use.

– Bushwalking exercises your core muscles, which helps you stay more balanced and coordinated.

– Bushwalking can help control moods, along with moderate feelings of feeling blue.

– Walking up hills, mountains and stairs, makes for a great cardiovascular workout.

– Bushwalking is a feast for the senses, whereby bushwalking introduces you to different sounds, different smells, different locations, interesting places, different terrain, different species of flowers, plants and many other beautiful things. This can help lift your mood tremendously.

– Walking helps you to loose weight and to help keep your overall wellbeing under control.

So, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen get into the wilderness!


Karina x

Food for Thought!

Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!

IMG_6639 cropped-img_66561.jpg

Most poor countries are great at using every part of the animal in their cooking, along with eliminating any probability of waste. The issue resides in wealthier countries discarding perfectly good food, straight into the bin. Food waste directly impacts the environment in many ways.

According to, “Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase!” Do you know what this extra 20% of waste would have costed the average Australian six months worth of your electricity bill! According to, out of the “8 Billion Dollars” Australians waste on food every year, “33% of fresh food is wasted and 27% of leftovers are wasted.”

There is also a waste problem in other wealthier countries such as America. According to, “40% of our food ends up in the trash instead of our stomachs.”

I’m picking up on a pattern here! People aren’t using their leftovers! Let’s start using our leftovers so we can save money and protect the environment! Now, that’s a win-win situation! An example of when I used leftovers on my blog, was when I made that beetroot salad. Since there were leftovers of the beetroot salad, I whizzed this beetroot salad up to make a dip! Now, this is a classic example of saving money and protecting the environment!

Let’s hope this really is food for thought!


Karina x