Karina’s Environmental Eating Tips!


There are many creative ways you can help the environment whilst enjoying your meals. The below is a very short, but different, list to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Have a nice candlelit dinner instead of turning on the lights. This creates a nice atmosphere for eating, it saves on electricity and helps the environment. How de’light’ful is this!
  • Try to eat vegetarian every so often. This helps the environment by minimising meat consumption, helps your wallet by saving you money and makes you healthier by going meat-free every now and then.
  • Try to eat seasonal produce where possible. You may be able to get a bargain this way (as more produce is available for sale), along with helping the environment by reducing quantities of imported produce.

I hope this is enough to stir the imagination.

Have fun, whilst helping the environment!

Karina x

Copyright © 2015 by Karina Teuma

5 thoughts on “THAT’S DE”LIGHT”FUL!

  1. Gen says:

    Such helpful advice. I so enjoy a candlelit dinner. (Sometimes here is SA, we have no choice with power outages!) I totally agree about eating vegetarian, we do 1 meatless meal a week and love seasonal fruit!


  2. lindaravello says:

    Ah Karina – you are so much after my own heart… you know we always eat seasonally and locally, and we also eat by candlelight as soon as the nights become dark enough to do so.
    We eat a good balance of vegetarian and meat/fish dishes – vegetarians are thin on the ground in France, but Marc is quite ok having 1 or 2 veggie meals a week x


    • FOOD IS LIFE! says:

      🙂 Yes, this is true Lindaravello 🙂
      I love that part, where there is opportunity to have a lovely candlelight dinner. It’s quite romantic too 🙂

      Awe, that’s great how Mark eats veggie that often 🙂

      Have a lovely christmas and new year.

      Karina x

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