At first glance, one may assume I may be speaking of the cooking show ‘My Kitchen Rules.’ Diving deeper, there is another meaning.

Let’s pretend I am a child right now, who has written down a set of rules for my parents, to help me stay safe in the kitchen.



  • Please don’t put me anywhere near harm in the kitchen.
  • Please store all your knives away from my innocent hands.
  • Please provide our home with fire extinguishers, fire blankets, a first aid kit, smoke/fire detectors and anything that will keep me safe.
  • Please clean your hands well before you cook for me, so you don’t contaminate my food.
  • Once you have finished cooking for me, please turn the stove and oven off because I would like to see my Mummy and Daddy again.
  • Please make me clean my hands before I eat.
  • Please keep that dead animal in the fridge, until you are ready to cook it for me.
  • Please make me healthy meals, that are low in saturated fat, so that I may be healthy. 
  • Please read the labels of the food you give to me, to make sure you are giving me the right nutrition. 
  • Please try to cook using fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat. 
  • Please make sure it tastes good, so that I eat it. 
  • Please keep my pets away from where you are cooking, so they don’t get hurt and so they don’t make things dirty.

I’m sure there are more rules, so please help me stay safe along the way.

Thank you Mummy and Daddy,

Love Sam

Copyright © 2015 by Karina Teuma

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