That looks ‘Grate!’

Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!


When you next consider buying kitchen gadgets, give vintage gear a go! Not only do they look ‘grate,’ they also help the environment remain beautiful, by reducing the consumer demand for new utensils. This in turn: reduces consumption, reuses what’s already there, is usually cheaper, makes your kitchen look ‘grate’ because of your vintage ‘grater’ and is probably built to last!

Now, what’s not to feel ‘grate’ about this!

Have fun in the kitchen!

Karina x

15 thoughts on “That looks ‘Grate!’

  1. phdinmeblog says:

    I used to think you had to be awfully lazy to not grate your own cheese but I got bit by the bug of buying those bags as a quick fix and have been doing it so long I can’t imagine grating, but your comments on the benefits have me rethinking this for the first time in a long time! Good work! Light and Love, Shona


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