Showing ‘dis-tain!

Karina’s Safety Cooking Tip!


– Ensure your cooking utensils, equipment and kitchen surfaces are decontaminated prior to preparing your food.

– Ensure you use food safe substances to clean your serving plates and other serving gear.

– Ensure you don’t cross-contaminate food (please refer to my older post on cross-contamination).

– Ensure you clean up all spills ASAP, otherwise, you may cause ‘dis-tain’ by staining your kitchen and another areas of your home.

– Use a separate kitchen towel to dry your dishes and/or dry your hands.

The list will go on and on, however, I have focused on a select few for now.

So, if next time there’s a dirty cooking bench, you won’t need to show anyone any ‘dis-stain’!

Stay safe in the kitchen.



Copyright © 2015 by Karina Teuma


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