Up to the Waist with Waste!

Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!


There are many things you can do, in order to reduce waste in your kitchen. If you buy goods which have recyclable packaging, then you are one step closer in significantly reducing waste. Always use the well-known saying: ‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.’ Reuse plastic containers and water bottles, until they cannot be used any more. Reduce the amount of waste you generate, both in packaging and in food scraps. Recycle anything you can recycle. Use cloth napkins, instead of always relying on paper ones. This will save a tonne of waste and will significantly help the environment.

There are many other Environmental Tips I can offer. I will cover another one next time.

Have fun!


Karina x


6 thoughts on “Up to the Waist with Waste!

  1. I-wrote-this says:

    I re-use small bottles of water or other drinks until they get so used up and gross to use again. lol Sadly i have little use for the super large bottles.
    But luckily i have little food waste: we only buy enough for a day or 3 tops. Living in a big cities with supermarkets at almost every street corner makes it easy. If we lived in the country side, though, this would have been a problem. 😀 I rarely use paper kitchen towels since i rarely have any.
    Share more tips if you have! I will try my best to share some too in the future!


    • FOOD IS LIFE! says:

      Hi, I-wrote-this,

      You are an environmentalists dream! Really, I am so happy and proud that you are a living example of how to help this beautiful planet. I will definately share more tips in the future.

      Have a great week and keep up all your great work!


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  2. where we are says:

    I’ve got to admit – I felt pretty good about myself (and pretty adult) when I bought cloth napkins. It really is a shame that many of us have grown so accustomed to using paper napkins and paper towels all of the time!

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  3. spidermonkeydom says:

    Great idea for a series of posts! I try not to buy packaged food at all, which is quite difficult unless you’re growing your own! Often in the smaller inner city supermarkets they have smaller ranges and therefore everything, even the apples, are packaged!
    I think wasting food in itself is a big problem too – we but too much and throw so much precious food away, it’s good to have some tips on how to re-use leftovers! For example, I make falafel with stale bread crusts.


    • FOOD IS LIFE! says:

      Thank you, spidermonkeydom 🙂

      You’re spot-on here! I agree with you. That’s a great idea, how you make falafel with stale bread crusts. In the past, I posted a beetroot dip recipe, which uses the leftover beetroot from the beetroot salad, in order to make the dip. I re-invent recipes with other food, if I feel there could be waste.

      Great thinking and great doing, spidermonkeydom 🙂



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