‘Chill’, man!

Karina’s Safety Cooking Tip:


When it comes to keeping food in the safe zone, you should prevent foods that are high-risk from becoming a health risk. What I mean by high-risk foods, are foods that can quickly develop bacteria if treated irresponsibly. High-risk foods include, but are not limited to: Eggs, Milk, Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, along with many other foods, which have a reasonable or some degree of moisture content. This moisture content is not specifically defined. Low-risk foods, include foods that are sold on shelves, including, but not limited to: dried uncooked rice, dried uncooked pasta, Dried crackers, etc.

Low-risk foods do not need to undergo temperature control, however, high-risk foods do. For example, if I were to cook a chicken, I would either need to eat this straight away, or, keep this within the safe zone for temperature control. You can find guidelines on this topic, regarding the safe zone of food, along with many other useful information, at the following website: http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au

Stay safe and have fun in the kitchen!

Karina x


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