Karina’s Environmental Cooking Tip!


Why ‘veg’-etate, when you can start your own vegetable garden!

There are soo many benefits of having your own vegetable garden and even more benefits, if you start from seed!

Some benefits of growing your own vegetable garden, include:

– You save money by not having to buy your own vegetables

– You will improve your family’s health

– You will help the environment, by not having to drive to the grocery store to buy your vegetables

– Your food will taste better and be better for you, since it would be incredibly fresh

– You can trust where your food came from, since you grew it yourself

– Growing vegetables is much easier than it sounds and will give you great pride, joy and a strong sense of accomplishment!

By growing your own vegetable garden, you are teaching kids where food originates from. This is what this world needs: more children learning about good, natural and nutritious food. Besides, you’ll get to see how happy kids get, when one of their seeds they planted, turns into a vegetable! Once your kids grow into adults, then have kids of their own, they will then be able to pass down this sacred food ritual to their kids too. Now, this is what awesomeness is made from!

You don’t need heaps of land to grow a vegetable garden. All you need is a lovely garden bed in your backyard, which will maximise space, create depth and retain nutrients for your vegetables. Now, theres no point ‘vegetating,’ is there? Sorry, my ‘Dad jokes’ are terrible 🙂

One way to get kids to start gardening, would be to make your own garden bed and then have your kids help you plant seeds. If you don’t have a garden at all, fear not: you can make a garden bed for your balcony or porch! Let’s maximise space people and have fun at the same time 🙂

Now, let’s stop ‘veg-etating’ and start gardening!

You will be incredibly proud of what you have planted from seed!


Karina x


5 thoughts on “‘Veg’-etating!

  1. allyouneedisbacon says:

    I already had a bunch of herbs in my back yard. I really love it: if you have it, you use it. I’ve never been much of a spice-user, but since I got them, I’m starting to 😉 And now, I got myself a square-meter-garden (a couple of weeks ago). Can’t wait to try my own veggies, so exited!


    • FOOD IS LIFE! says:

      That’s soo awesome! I agree 100%! If you have fresh herbs, etc, you use it. It is also soo much cheaper than constantly buying herbs as Well! That’s cool about your spices! Yay, that square-meter-garden sounds soo awesome! Exciting times ahead and well done! 😄😊

      Liked by 1 person

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