Add some SPICE to your LIFE !

Karina’s Cooking Tip!


Nothing beats a good herb! There is no better way to show this world just how much spice you have in your life, than by spicing up your food! FOOD is LIFE people 🙂

If you want your spices to remain fresher for longer, then employ this handy tip: store spices away from direct sunlight, or light of any kind. The best place to store spices is in a cool, dry and dark place, which is not humid. Spices do not like humidity, heat and light, so ensure you are storing spices correctly. Storing your herbs directly above the oven, is a ‘RECIPE’ for disaster. Did you like my Dad joke? I’m shocking, I know!

If you find that you always have left-over herbs and feel like they are always going to waste, then fear not! Dry your spare herbs by placing the leaves of the herbs, either on a paper towel, or a plate. If you are drying larger, more leafy herbs, such as parsley, basil, sage and marjoram, then chop the herbs up. If you are drying woody herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, then keep these leaves whole. After all your herbs have dried, set all your dried herbs aside in a cool, dry place for about one week. After they have been set aside for one week, you should place them in a resealable and/or airtight container, employing the tips for fresh herbs above!

I hope my tip was nice and spicy!


Karina x

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